Rothberg, MPH

Sexual Health Educator & Conciege

Helping You Host Your Sex Ed Workshop, Bachelorette or Adult Sex Toy Parties and Private Consultations in Boston and the New England Area including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine



Yes you do. BUT . . . what is blocking you from finding (more) pleasure? What is common to all successful pleasure finding?


I can’t wait to talk about pleasure with you and your friends!

Whether you are new to exploring your body/body’s capacity for pleasure, you are a kinkster looking for a new instrument or you are somewhere in between, I am delighted to meet with you and have a chat. In a safe and fun event setting, we can explore the worlds of pleasure, science and which high quality luxury sex toys might float your boat.

Wherever you are and whatever your experience, you are most certainly not alone. My decade and a half of experience ensures that I will not be shocked by your story, your secret wishes or the path you take to pleasure. I have met with many new-comers to the joy of self-pleasuring and partner play. I am always thrilled to be able to offer clear guidance and non-judgmental follow-up.

I am passionate about providing accurate and accessible information for people of all genders, orientations, identities, abilities, stages of life and body types.

Invite me to speak at your event or schedule a workshop with me. I am available for individual consultations, cocktail parties, Soirees, bachelorette parties, divorce parties or whatever other fabulous event you are hosting in the Boston, MA area as well as Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

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Vienna Rothberg finds joy in talking about PLEASURE all day long. She is a Boston-based sex and relationship educator. With masters’ degrees in both Public Health and Social Work, she works full-time as sexpert.

She finds tremendous joy in helping people uncover their own route to self-fulfillment in whatever form that takes. Her work with trauma survivors, college students and high-stress, high-achieving professionals and academics makes her aware and attune to meeting people where they are. She is easy to talk to and takes a positive approach to working with clients and exploring the vast realm of human delight.